PHP Developer (Florida, Roodepoort)

Expertise - ITC
Minimum Qualification - BSc

Our client is looking for a PHP Developer to work in their Florida office, Roodepoort. The candidate must come from a financing development background with BANKSERV experience to be considered for this position (this is non-negotiable)

The Role 

Core responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Creating, implementing and supporting web-based products using PHP, MySQL, Ajax and JavaScript
  • Developing back-end components, connecting the application with other web services and producing front ends for user interfaces
  • Writing and editing PHP code on the back end of web applications and dynamic sites 
  • Considering the web application’s intended function and work to integrate the PHP code with existing HTML code
  • Working with the application’s data structure to maintain reliable performance
  • Working on PHP modules; block of code that can increase a web application’s functionality and performance for specific tasks 
  • Designing modules to be both reusable and portable so that they can be used for a variety of server-side tasks and be incorporated into future development projects
  • Overseeing that modules work independently and are successfully integrated into the application
  • Testing and troubleshooting applications both before and after deployment
  • Ensuring that the server-side elements of the application are working in tandem with the user interface
  • Monitoring that the application is receiving, parsing and storing data correctly
  • Verifying that all code elements are working independently and together
  • Collaborating with other programmers and team members to meet deadlines (Scrum framework). This may involve initial meetings to determine the project’s scope and needs and coordination throughout the implementation and testing processes, to resolve server-side issues by updating or reworking PHP code and/or modules
  • Seeing that the server-side and back-end code elements work in tandem with third-party services
  • Working with third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) to access data between servers and applications
  • Working with internal and external clients throughout the development process

Qualifications and Experience

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Engineering or a similar relevant field
  • Previous working experience as a PHP Developer for 10 years within a finance background 
  • 10 years’ experience as a full stack developer  
  • Proficient in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML
  • Experience with building restful JSON web services
  • Must have experience in troubleshooting and resolving defects and also have working experience in CRM framework
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