Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

Expertise - ITC
Minimum Qualification - BSc, BTech

Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be building and enhancing the client platform to solve complex and exciting business challenges. This is with a view to increasing the platform’s capabilities to solve clients’ pain points. You will be responsible for your features, from implementation, testing, deployment and validating that it works. You will have the opportunity to touch code, infrastructure and CI pipeline.


The Role 

Core responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

·       Using your experience, software engineering knowledge and individuality 

·       Collaborating with your team to share knowledge, act as soundboard and mentor junior team members 

·       Looking for ways to improve solutions and processes and presenting your ideas to your team

·       Staying up to date on new technologies and developments in your field 

·       Thinking bigger – always be innovating and trying new things


Qualifications and Experience

·       Bachelor’s degree in IT or Sciences 

·       Sound knowledge of mathematics, algorithms and software engineering fundamentals

·       Proven experience as a software engineer with 4+ years’ (full stack is beneficial) 

·       Minimum four years’ experience in JavaScript (essential) 

·       Minimum four years’ experience in Node.js (essential) 

·       Core knowledge of building complex back-end services using Node.js (preferrable) 

·       Main tech stack includes: JavaScript; Node.js; React.js; Docker; MongoDB; AWS



·       A passion for improvement, innovation and growth 

·       Courage to fail and learn 

·       Good written and verbal communication 

·       Excellent self-management skills and goal driven 

·       Proven problem-solving ability 

·       Customer empathy 

·       Working effectively in a team 



Due to the sensitivity of the data and systems our client works with, a credit and criminal check will be required


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